I am not a chef. I posses no formal
cooking credentials. I’m just a guy
from Cleveland, Ohio, who switched to a
whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle a few
years back. To keep it going, I’ve had to
develop recipes that are simple enough to
fit into real-life. I wrote this book to share
those with my friends and family, who
either want to start to eat like this, or who
need some help sticking with it.
The benefits of these eating habits
are well established and scientifically
documented, so I won’t rehash that much,
except to say that since starting this, my
fasting glucose has come down from 99 to
100 to between 87 and 93. My cholesterol
has dropped from 280 to 160. My weight
is now below what it was in high school.
According to my Ormon Body Composition Monitor, my body age is 50.
At this writing I am 70. Anorexic I am not. I eat more food more often than
ever before.
My overall goal is to maintain healthy cholesterol, glucose, blood
pressure, and weight, and to have more energy. My desire is not to live
forever but to feel good and be active. I didn’t feel bad before, but I can
tell the difference. I feel better now.
I’m not telling you what to do. I am not suggesting that my way is the
best way. I am only sharing what I am doing. My hope is that you will get
some ideas and inspirations from which to develop your own whole-foods,
plant-based food strategies. At the very least, I hope you’ll get a few